24th ave



im drivin’ in my car

come to the intersection

look in my rearview

and  i see my reflection

of days long ago

when i was a kid

this place was home to me

24th ave




i know this road

like i know my habits

twirrling hair

biting nails

and chasing rabbits

playing ball with my dad

oh how much fun we had!

just right off of

24th ave




further up the road

i look to my right

i can see my grandpa

and he is feeling alright

he is happy and content and is ready for his meal

at the Panrty

where he always gets a deal

just right off of

24th ave





there she is

as cute as ever

when she was with me

everything was better

my little puppy

my little baby girl

her name is Tiffany

3 buttoned Tiffany

there she is running with me

no time to be sad

as we roll down

24th ave










~ by jennitt on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “24th ave”

  1. Very nostalgic, I like the use of the mirror to look back, cool poem,
    hugs Andy x

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