a tune from june ’05

thanks to jay z dis beat’s gone crazay
i’m in too deep in fo’ anyone to save me
it’s time fo me to ask, baby
have u danced in front of a mirror lately?

cuz if you haven’t, u’r missin’ out!
livin’ to tha groove is what it’s all ’bout
life’s too short to ball change lightly
so turn up tha beat just slightly!

vancity u know what?
dis is my first time at bustin’ a rhyme
so thanks fo lettin’ me shine
and oh
i usually go solo wit a mirror so
this proves i have no fear oh
i love hip hop and won’t stop tha rock
till ya put the lock down or send me to tha pound
an when u come around you’ll hear my sweet sound


so let me introduce myself
my name is Jen to the T.I.L.E.S
and i must confess
i won’t make a mess
when i’ma put to tha test
i’ll bring in tha energy
i’ll bring in tha moves
and i know within my heart i can’t loose
that’s what i feel when i’m near tha music…

ya know what i mean?
i mean… how to use it?

i’m fun and wild and if you like my style
come see me in a while
i wanna see a smile on that face of yours,
once i’ve seem dat
i’ll know i’ve done my chores
so stand up
still down
move it all around…

shake dat thing till tha roof hit’s the ground


OK so second verse ain’t much like da first
so i’m a need tha music to quench my thirst
now one issue here i’d like to address
is how rap rapped up in all dis mess
for those who think dis music speaks badness…
some words come from madness
ice cube
dr dre
say what they say to bring home tha pay
many of there rhymes
convey sad times
and all they do is say what’s on their minds
those kinds of songs make you feel
strange, engaged, enraged

thing to remember it’s not let it offend ya (TOO MUCH!)
rap’s main glory is to try and tell a story
life, love, pain even sorrow
anything that happened from today till tomorrow


I look at rap and I look at tha culture
the hip hop dance is like a funky sculpture
tha clothes, tha rhythm
tha history within em
i wish i could say it’s all fun and games
and god bless those unfortunate names
2 pac
jam master jay

i wish alayaih never too dat flight dat day
so i’ll pray for tha past
and find a new way
to convey my thoughts in tha best way, m kay?
I wanna be loud and i wanna be proud
to represent my love
to tha hip hop crowd
so if ya have dreams and you wanna be heard
follow your heart and put forth your word…



~ by jennitt on February 1, 2009.

One Response to “a tune from june ’05”

  1. This is a rhyme I wrote and performed for a “Canadian Idol-esque” talent show. At this moment I forget what the competition was called, “Canadian Superstar” or something like that. The winner was flown to Beijing to undergo intense singing/dancing/acting training and then perform in front of like 100, 000 plus people!

    I was the only rapper there. 🙂 I’m sure i surprised the panel full of Asian judges, it’s not everyday you see a white female rapper that loves sparkles! tee hee

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